DMYC Marine Environment Day is back!

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  • DMYC Marine Environment Day
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Feature: Ayse Demirer

Third year in a row for the Dubai Marina Yacht Club Marine Environment Day annual event! As always it was a lovely event with impeccable organisation and the proof of a strong commitment of the DMYC management towards the support of the conservation of the local marine environment. An important part of our conservation efforts is public awareness. With events like this we aim to provide information and knowledge about the UAE dolphins and encouraging the public to report dolphin sightings which is one of the most important contributions to our research. The event was great with many interested families who enjoyed the adventure playground and tasty food stalls as well as our interactive information stands.

We held four dolphins related activities to teach children about our local dolphin species, our research methods and the marine food chain. Children could enter a competition: Draw a dolphin in 5 minutes! It was great to see so many children with a passion for their local marine environment and species. In addition a presentation was given to inform all interested event visitors the project’s progress of the past months.

As always this event would not have been possible without our loyal and dedicated volunteers! A special thanks to all the volunteers that did a great job helping out at the stalls: George, Juan Pierre, Ryan, Joel, Amelie, Elias, Helga and Willi, Paola, Barbara, Viola, Francesca, Phil and Matthias. We would like to thank everyone who joined us at the DMYC Marine Environment Day. We had a great day and we were very happy to see such a strong interest in protecting dolphins and the marine environment. A big thank you to the DMYC for the great organization and support!

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