Marine Environment Day at the DMYC

October 25, 2014: Marine Environment Day at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. Another successful event in support of raising awareness about our local marine environment! Exactly one year after the Dolphin Day, the UAE Dolphin Project in collaboration with the DMYC reached the public organising a public fun family event focussed on our sea. Did you know that hawksbill turtles still nest along Dubai coastline and Abu Dhabi waters, and that Abu Dhabi hosts the second largest population of dugongs in the world? That the Gulf hosts 30 different species of sharks and that most of them are totally harmless? That walking along the Kite Beach in Dubai or Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi you may see dolphins? These were only some of the information that were shared through four different talks about turtles, dugongs sharks and dolphins and lots of interactive activities for the children. The UAE Dolphin project was joined by three of the most knowledgeable scientist in the country that kindly agreed to share their knowledge about Sea turtles, dugongs and sharks: Dr. Himansu Das, from the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi, Dr. Donna Qwan, from the CMS, Abu Dhabi and Dr. Rima Jabado, from the Gulf Elasmo Project.

The event was only possible thanks once again to our volunteer including a enthusiastic group of students from EIS Meadows! Posters and information were also displayed and available to the public. The UAE Dolphin project organised four different interactive games: The Marine Food Chain, Fin matching cards game, The dolphins puzzles and the Draw a dolphin in 5 minutes and they all were a great success!

Thank you to the DMYC for the invaluable support, our great speakers and all our fantastic volunteers made it a prefect event! Dina, Charley, Vignesh, Willy and Helga, Mishel Melina Aimee Patrizia, Edoardo, Rebecca, Selma, Alan, Tim and Kay, Gloria, Abhishek and Aneeha, Arianne, Marie Claire, Hamza and Zine.

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