Divers instructors learn about dolphins in UAE…

IMG_8133On March 28th, the Pavilion Dive Centre instructors were the first dive instructors to host the UAE Dolphin Project presentation that aims to inform divers about the local dolphin population. We received extremely positive feedback from all the attendees and we hope to extent the presentation to other members of the Pavilion Dive Centre in the future. A special thanks goes to Elena and Laurent for supporting the organisation of this event.

The one hour talk provided general knowledge about whales and dolphins, the adaptation challenges that this group of mammals have overcome to spend their life in an aquatic environment, their classification and the role they play in the marine environment. Furthermore the dive instructors received information about dolphins species in UAE waters: what is known and what is unknown about the local populations, which species are most likely to be encountered, how to identify the species and to be “dolphin SMART”  in case of sightings to minimise stress to the animals and risk to the observers. Most importantly it was illustrated how dive instructors can play an important role in supporting research by actively reporting sightings and teaching other divers what they now know about dolphins.

If you are a diver or a dive instructor and you are interested to know more about the local dolphins and how you and your club can actively support the local research, please contact us at: sighting@uaedolphinproject.org.