Dolphins and whales in the local press

A collection of articles published in the local press


UAE DOLPHIN PROJECT IS ONE YEAR OLD – A Giant Leap for Dolphin Research in the Region – Divers for the Environment, 2014.


UAE Dolphin Project: dauphin sous surveillance – DUBAI, 2014.


Dolphins at home in UAE waters – Gulf News, 2014.


UAE DOLPHIN PROJECT – Update Field work: start as you mean to go on! – Divers for the Environment, 2013.


PCFC covenes sea-users for dolphins initiative –, 2013.


Saving the seas: marine conservation Vision, Fresh perspectives from Dubai, 2013.


UAE DOLPHIN PROJECT – Update: It is the dolphins or us that have gone on holiday?Divers for the Environment, 2013


Dolphin watching in Dubai. How the UAE Dolphin Project is helping investigate the UAE marine mammals.Time out Dubai, 2013.


Twenty new charities campaignsTime out Dubai, 2013.


UAE DOLPHIN PROJECT – Update: First “Report a sighting” results: the public can make a difference!Divers for the Environment, 2013.


UAE residents asked to report dolphin activity and help to build database The National, 2013.


Tips to enjoy safe dolphin sightingsThe National, 2013.


UAE Dolphin Project, promoting the conservation of dolphin species and the local marine environmentDivers for the Environment, 2013.


Rare sighting of whales off the UAE coast – The National, 2013


4 dolphin saved after being stranded on Omani coast – The Gulf News, 2013


Fisherman rescues whale near Fujairah shore – The National 2012


Dolphin deaths were not caused by humans – The National, 2012


Discovery of three dead dolphins alarms ecologists – The Gulf News, 2012


Time Frame: Whale fatally stranded in Abu Dhabi – The National, 2012


Whale found dead off Abu Dhabi – The National, 2010


Dead dolphin turns spotlight on regulation – The Gulf News, 2009


Bottlenose dolphins spotted off Abu Dhabi – The Gulf News, 2008


Dead killer whale found in RAK – The National, 2008


Scientists on alert as killer whales enter local waters – The National, 2008


The UAE’s dolphin mystery – The Gulf News, 2005


Whales and dolphins in the UAE – UAE Interact


Whales and dolphins in the Gulf – Al Shindagah, 2004