Emirates International School Environment Club raises awareness about marine life

It was a pleasant unexpected surprise when, after an exchange of emails with UAE Dolphin project_EISM_yr72013Jesline, a YR 12 student and her teacher Rinaz, I went to meet them. Instead of being a preliminary meeting, I found a class of students eager to know everything about the project! It was a joy to answer to the many questions that the students of the Environmental Club had about dolphins. Following this, they organised a presentation to the YR 7 students and this what they reported in their newsletter:



Emirates International School Environment Club had invited a guest to raise awareness about marine life.

UAE dolphin project by Ada Natoli

We talked about dolphins and the fact that they are mammals like us but they adapted to live in aquatic environments, and what this implied for their evolution. We learned that dolphins do live not only in the sea but also in fresh waters like some species of river dolphins. The students were amazed by the fact that dolphins are also in the coastal waters of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and that everyone can see them if they pay attention when at sea! Students also learned which species are more common in UAE, what are the characteristics that allow to recognise them and that they can now report their sightings on the UAE Dolphin Project website. Lots of things for 40 minutes!! We would like to thank Dr. Natoli for the precious information she shared with us.