The boat love story

…..and as in all love stories there are ups and downs but if they are good ones eventually they progress forward!

Passion meets passion: Duretti Boat Manufacturing, in the flesh Dan, was the first potential supporter I met when the UAE dolphin project initiative was still in its embryonic stage, with no image and clear structure. Yes, there was the idea and the passion to make it happen, but ideas can easily remain so if they are not translated in concrete actions.

When I told Dan about my idea of the project, explained the lack of information about dolphins and whales in this part of the world and that we were in need of a small boat to run the research survey, Dan simply believed in the idea. And he said: “Yes! I can make a boat for the project! How big do you need it?” and he truly did it! I am sure he will not regret it, although it has taken an immense effort on his behalf.

Dan has always had this great passion for boats that translated in his hobby but he takes it so seriously and with such determination that anyone would struggle to believe that it is only his hobby: “I can use all my money to buy Champagne or I can use it to make something that I like: boats, and these last a lot longer.” he says. So Duretti Boat Manufacturing was born from love, passion and determination and its products can only be outstanding.

I went to visit the boat last November when it was just a shell but you could see it taking shape: it is now a fantastic 30 ft long Duretti Sportfisher with beautiful lines, fantastic space, comfort and two great engines.

We have been through the bottleneck of bureaucracy and the registration process, that is a story itself, but now this fantastic boat has a great name: Harman and it has finally reached the water!

From its birthplace in Umm Al Qwain, on September 16th, we went to pick it up and we travelled south to Dubai.  Its new home is at Dubai Marina Yacht Club that has kindly agreed to host us for the duration of the research survey.

When passion and determination meet the outcome can only be good! We are positive we will make the best possible use of the boat for a great cause! There are not enough ways to say “thank you” to Dan. Simply without his support we couldn’t have made it where we are today.

Welcome to the project Harman!


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