UAE Dolphin Project at the French School!

Feature: Valérie Arwacher

Valérie Arwacher from the UAE Dolphin Project recently gave two presentations at the Lycée Georges Pompidou.  On Wednesday 4th June, 50 pupils (5-6 years old, grade 4&5)  attended and on Sunday June 8th five classes (7-8 years old, CE1) followed.  In all, 150 pupils benefited from this intervention. For the grade 4&5, this subject was integrated in the Animal’s module and for CE1, it completed the part of the program on mammals.

The questions were varied and, for many children, it aroused at the desire to express their personal experiences with the sea generally. Valérie spoke about the characteristics of dolphins, their environment, food, communication, protection of the sea, and dolphins in Dubai and the role of UAE Dolphin Project. The children were very receptive according to their remarks following the presentation:

 – “We learnt that putting the plastic bags in the dustbin is good. It is not good to throw any rubbish in the water. We must respect the dolphins and all the animals in the sea!”

 – “I discovered that formerly dolphin was a land animal “.

 – “I taught things to my Dad!”

 We also received so many beautiful drawings! A great thanks to the LFIGP and their teachers for welcoming the UAE Dolphin Project again!


A special thanks to the kids who were so involved and participative!


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