Being a non-profit initiative, the UAE Dolphin Project relies on the support of the public. Everyone can make a difference for the local marine environment and dolphin population. If you have a passion for marine conservation and have some spare time, join our team!  Volunteer positions are unpaid but you will gain valuable experience and the chance to work for a great cause!

You can join as:

General volunteer: you will be involved in one-off activities such as public events or field work. Please send an email to sighting@uaedolphinproject.org, specifying your details (name, age, mobile number) and you will be contact as soon as an opportunity arises.

Permanent volunteer: you will join the core team of the project and you have the chance to develop your skills and expertise. Generally, these positions require a minimum commitment of 3/6 months and between 5-10 hours/week. Permanent volunteers are automatically included in the General volunteer list.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our core team, please fill the form below and attach your CV and you will be contacted as soon as a position becomes available.

Current permanent positions available can be found here (link the document).