UAE Dolphin Project at the French Kermesse 2014

Feature: Valérie Arwacher

For the second year running, the UAE Dolphin Project has had the pleasure of participating in the annual French event of the LFIGP on Friday 21th March. This family fun day is organised by the AIPE (Association of parents) in collaboration with the Lycée Français International Georges Pompidou. The kermesse welcomed 3000 visitors with 39 stalls and 75 sponsors. The students had to collect stamps at each game stall on a paid card and finally win some prizes in exchange for full stamped cards.
The French students were very excited to play again with puzzles representing the three common species of dolphin in emirates waters: the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and the Finless Porpoise. The game was to rebuild the puzzles in the shortest time as possible.
It was a great opportunity to raise awareness about dolphins, giving some simple tips to recognise them at sea and spread the word about wild dolphins in Dubai waters.
We kindly thanks the AIPE, the LFIGP and all the volunteers for supporting the project.

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